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What is
Geo-fencing is a hyper-local advertising tactic that allows advertisers to precisely target specific geographic areas. It enables your digital messages to be delivered to individuals within the geo-fence as well as when they exit, extending your reach for up to 30 days. With this strategy, you can effectively target potential customers who have attended events, visited your business, or even engaged with your competitors. By onboarding these locations into the geo-fencing platform, you can deliver tailored messages to users across various devices, including display, mobile, or video.

However, to truly maximize the impact of your geo-targeted ads, a customized approach is crucial. This is where the expertise of PPC consultants comes into play. These consultants meticulously customize your ad campaigns, ad spend, and ad copy to align with specific locations, demographics, and user behaviors. By tailoring your content to resonate with users’ real-time locations, you can significantly boost the success of your geofencing advertising efforts.

Furthermore, conversion zones play a vital role in analyzing the effectiveness of your ads. These zones allow you to measure the traffic driven to your physical location as a result of your geo-fencing campaign. By accurately tracking offline conversions, you can gain valuable insights into the impact of your advertising efforts and make informed decisions to optimize your ROI.

In conclusion, configuring geo-targeted ads for optimal impact requires a multi-faceted approach. By leveraging the power of geo-fencing, targeting specific geographic areas, and customizing your ad campaigns, you can effectively reach your target audience at the right time. The expertise of PPC consultants ensures that your ads resonate with users’ real-time locations, resulting in a significant boost in effectiveness and return on investment, regardless of the ad platforms you utilize. By incorporating conversion zones, you can measure the impact of your ads and make data-driven decisions to enhance your advertising strategy.

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It’s easy to measure online to offline conversions. Virtual conversion zones can analyze your ad effectiveness by the traffic driven to the location.

Conversion zone reporting:

How conversion zones work? A virtual geo-fence is traced around an area where the advertiser wants to target customers visiting another physical location (i.e a competitor’s store, a venue, or a specific part of town, etc.)

Next, a virtual Conversion Zone is traced around one or more of the the advertiser’s locations.

When the customer enters the geo-fenced location, they will then be targeted with the advertiser’s ads on their mobile device.

When the customer enters the Conversion Zone with their mobile device and has previously been served the advertiser’s ad, the Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geo-fencing campaign.

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