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What is
Geo-fencing refers to a specific location (geo) and the creation of virtual boundaries (a fence) around it to deliver messaging during the event and up to 30 days after they leave the area.

Geo-fencing triggers when a person enters or leaves a targeted radius. Our geo-fence technology enables marketers to customize audiences through custom targeting shapes with precise and accurate data.

Geo-fencing is a hyper-local advertising tactic that enables advertisers to target specific geographic areas with pinpoint accuracy. Your digital messages are delivered to people inside the geo-fence as well as when they leave for up to 30 days.

You can target potential customers who’ve attended events, been to your business, visited your competitors or who are even within a specific physical location. We then onboard those locations into the geo-fencing platform to target with messages users on any device with display, mobile or video.

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Companies Who’ve Turned To the AdCoach

It’s easy to measure online to offline conversions. Virtual conversion zones can analyze your ad effectiveness by the traffic driven to the location.

Conversion zone reporting:

How conversion zones work? A virtual geo-fence is traced around an area where the advertiser wants to target customers visiting another physical location (i.e a competitor’s store, a venue, or a specific part of town, etc.)

Next, a virtual Conversion Zone is traced around one or more of the the advertiser’s locations.

When the customer enters the geo-fenced location, they will then be targeted with the advertiser’s ads on their mobile device.

When the customer enters the Conversion Zone with their mobile device and has previously been served the advertiser’s ad, the Conversion Zone recognizes the user and attributes their visit as an offline conversion for the geo-fencing campaign.

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