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Unstructured Data

What is it and how can your business benefit?

What is Unstructured Data?

Structured Vs. Unstructured: Why Structured Data Just Doesn’t Cut It

Structured data is data arranged in a defined length and format so that it can be easily included into a database and interacted with. In terms of programmatic advertising, structured data is what makes up audience segments. While audience segments were a major breakthrough in the late 90’s, they have significant limitations for programmatic in 2018. There are three questions that advertisers using segments should be asking themselves:

  1. What’s in it?

    Audience segments are the quintessential black box. Some of the data in the audience segment may be relevant and useful to your campaign, and some of it may be outdated and useless. You don’t have any way of knowing. This means you’ll never know which specific data elements are working well and which are not. And if the campaign doesn’t perform well, you won’t know why.

  2. What are the data points that justified putting that user into the segment?

    Purchasing segments from a third-party source means you have no idea what data points justified putting that user into the segment in the first place. DSPs that use audience segments can’t answer that question because they didn’t see the data points before various users got put into the segment. By the time they get a segment, all the data has been obscured. In fact, the data brokers who created the audience segments do so on arbitraged models so that the more thinly sliced and narrowly targeted the data is, the more expensive it becomes. In essence, the cost increases but the value of the data doesn’t. Ultimately, it’s still a black box with no way of knowing what’s inside.

  3. How can I optimize the campaign’s effectiveness?

    You can optimize campaign details like day parting, frequency capping, etc., but if that doesn’t work, you are out of luck. By not knowing what data points are inside the audience segment, you cannot optimize at the data element level (i.e. specific keywords searched, recency, and context). Segment-based campaign optimization tools can only take you so far, and are significantly limited in their ability to optimize where it really matters.

It’s evident that structured data via audience segments just won’t cut it in the world of programmatic. So, what’s an advertiser to do? 

Unstructured data includes e-mail, tweets, electronic documents, video, audio files, web pages.
The Data of Everyday Digital Life

Unstructured data includes e-mail, tweets, electronic documents, video, audio files, web pages, and all of their associated metadata. Almost all of the data we produce in the digital world is unstructured. Yet most programmatic marketing platforms can only handle structured data, specifically the traditional audience segment.

Breaking the Black Box

Building a target audience with pre-packaged segments had some significant limitations in programmatic marketing. In fact, the data source was unknown and was limited when it came to recency of consumer intent or action. Our programmatic platform is specifically designed for processing unstructured data. The result, we can make every individual data element, including recency of intent visible and actionable in real-time. 

Some Advantages Include:

  • Actual Behavior Known
  • Data Sourced Directly
  • Recency of Intent Known
  • Better Data Identified
  • Elemental-Level Optimization
  • Dynamic Audiences Created in Real-Time

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Unstructured Data Analysis

We can break free from the black box of pre-packaged audience segments and make every individual data element, including recency, visible and valuable to act upon with proper messaging.

Cross-Devices, Multi-Media Deliverables

Our marketing platform follows the target audience wherever they may be online. Whether they are at work on their desktop computer or go home and use any digital enabled device… we got them covered.

Real-Time Target Opitimization

Our programmatic platform optimizes your target in real-time, enabling messaging to be targeted to specific elemental data combinations that are performing…thereby increasing your ROI.

Recency of Intent

The range of recency is important because it matters when someone is searching. Using unstructured data, we have the ability to offer variable recency from instant “I-just searched” recency to up to 30 days.

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