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Reach More Searchers, More Often, and More Effectively

Reach More Searchers, More Often, and More Effectively with Keyword Search Retargeting
Reach More Searchers, More Often, and More Effectively with Keyword-Level Search Retargeting

Small businesses looking to grab a larger share of the market in Minneapolis/St. Paul have several valuable digital advertising tools they can use to supercharge their local business marketing efforts. They include keyword search retargeting, search intention and unstructured data. However, many small companies do not know how to use these tools to attract customers. We can help. We are a digital advertising firm that specializes in giving local small businesses access to cutting-edge digital advertising technology and techniques that can help to make them more successful. 

Understanding Search Retargeting

Search retargeting is a strategy which allows businesses to combine display’s reach and brand impact with the effectiveness of online search. When users are searching for the products and business services they need, the intent data they capture during this process is usually the most effective in influencing their buying decisions and the businesses they target. With the search retargeting techniques and technologies we use, companies are able to employ display and video ads to target prospects based on their web searches. This consistently results in more sales and growing profits. 

More Searches More Often 

Our use of keyword-level search retargeting optimization enables us to provide our clients with full visibility for their brand, products and services as well as control of each of their targeted keywords. To achieve optimal results, we use our ability to vary the bids for each keyword just like they do in search marketing. Based on a search event’s recency, we are able to allow variable targeting and bidding. We can present targeted ads to users within minute, hours or days of their search. Recency is an important factor when it comes to optimizing for the goals of a business. 

Vast Experience 

Our marketing techniques have helped countless businesses in a wide variety of industries to increase their online visibility and the number of searches in which they appear. We have over 112 successful case studies the show the effectiveness of our work. We also have more than 1,568 optimized local business locations and a 99% satisfaction rate with our clients. Our use of search retargeting and unstructured data to improve customer engagement for our clients is based on the lessons we have learned during our 25 years of successful work in the fast-paced, results-oriented marketing industry. 

A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

With the constant changes in the world of business, companies need a robust, innovative digital marketing strategy. One that constantly keeps them visible to their evolving customer base. With search retargeting and the effective use of unstructured data we are able to help our client businesses do just that. We start with in-depth research and thorough competitor analysis and create an all-encompassing marketing plan that addresses the unique opportunities and challenges associated with our client’s business. Doing our due diligence provides us with valuable insights. 

Results-Oriented Customized Digital Marketing Strategy 

We look at the objectives, goals, challenges and aspirations of the companies with which we partner to create the appropriate digital marketing strategy for their needs. We then create a detailed, well-organized, implementation plan that’s optimized on an on-going basis to secure the optimal return on investment for our client. Our focus is on creating a collaboration that enables our clients to attain their goals. We understand that fruitful results are the hallmark of a successful partnership and it is what defines the type of outcomes we work diligently to create. Unstructured data and search retargeting are two very effective tools we use. 

A Powerful Digital Presence

Having a powerful presence online is critical for success in modern business. Using tools like introduction videos, unstructured data and search retargeting, we are able to produce marketing strategies that help businesses to grow and compete. Our team has the energy, time, creativity, expertise and experience it takes to develop a robust digital presence for our clients. We consistently help our clients to increase their profits by unleashing a digital marketing strategy that keeps them at or near the top of the results pages of consumers looking for the products and services they offer and in the consciousness of a growing number of consumers. 

Effective Digital Marketing Tactics 

We also successfully use tactics like mobile geo-fencing, localized digital marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. This has enabled us to provide our clients with an excellent return on the investment and a growing digital presence. Today, with the use of unstructured data and search retargeting, we’re able to take our client companies to a entirely new level. With search and website retargeting we are able to directly connect our clients with people who have expressed an interest in their brand and the products and services they offer. This dramatically increases click through rates and sales. 

Unstructured Data 

In the late 1990s, structured data with its defined length and format was a popular marketing tool because it could easily fit into databases and segments where customers could interact with it. However, it has significant limitations that reduce its effectiveness today. Unstructured data, on the other hand, is much more versatile and highly effective for modern marketing programming. Businesses benefit more from using unstructured data because they know all the information it contains is timely, useful and relevant to their marketing campaigns. It allows businesses to know which data elements are helping the marketing campaign to perform well and why. 

Unstructured Data Analysis

Using unstructured data frees up individual data elements like value, visibility and recency to be used to create proper messaging. With our marketing platform we can keep track of the target audience whenever they are online, be it at work, at home or on any internet enabled device. It allows for cross-device, multi-media delivery of data. Our programmatic platform also enables real-time target optimization to specific data element combinations. This increases the return on investment for businesses. Using unstructured data enables us to offer variable recency from instantly to as long as 30 days later. 

Types Of Unstructured Data

Tweets, e-mail, electronic documents, audio files, video, web pages, as well as all types of metadata associated with them, are all unstructured data. Most of the digital data produced in everyday life is unstructured. However, most programmatic marketing platforms focused on traditional audience segments are only able to handle structured data. We specifically designed our programmatic platform to be able to process unstructured data. This enables us to take real-time action on and make visible every individual data element. That includes recency of intent. 

Advantages Of Using Unstructured Data

By using unstructured data we can know the actual behavior of online searchers, source the data directly and know the recency of intent. Plus, we will be able to identify better data and use elemental-level optimization to create dynamic audiences in real-time. It also enables us to do effective local SEO analysis. Those are just some of the advantages using unstructured data offers. 

Improving Local Business Marketing 

We have a wide range strategies that can help small businesses improve their local marketing efforts. They include leveraging information gained about the search intention of potential customers online. We also use effective modern tools like unstructured data and techniques like keyword search retargeting to attract a growing number of customers. If you want help to increase your customer base, give us a call to schedule an initial meeting. We will discuss the goals and objectives you have for your small business and how we can develop a strategic digital marketing plan that can help you attain these goal.