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Digital Direct Mail is the New Way to Go

Emails have been around since the advent of the internet and with that so many other things have evolved how we do business.  People don’t like getting physical mail in their mailbox because it clutters their space and most of the mail isn’t even read anyway. According to the EPA, roughly 44 percent of junk mail goes to landfills unopened. Gone are the days of generic marketing and flyer posting.

Emails are not just used socially among people but they are also being used as an effective marketing tool in business marketing campaigns. But of course, there is an art and strategy to direct mail marketing as well that if once learned can be of great benefit for businesses.

 1.      Clears the clutter

In the digital age where people prefer less clutter on their desks, mail boxes and homes, emails/ digital marketing emails are welcome. There is less waste of paper and people have access to the emails wherever they go. Everything is digital now, so why should your marketing be left behind? From emails to banner ads, junk mail is being ditched for a more current and up to date method. Anything less is considered wasteful, generic and outdated.

2.      No competition

In customized marketing strategies, when people opt-in for emails, there welcoming those emails in their inbox and have agreed to read them. There is less competition for a business because the message is very targeted and is a one to one conversation with the potential customer. Its true people are busier than ever and have many different messages coming at them from all directions. However, with targeted digital direct email the message is reaching people who are interested in the product or service. It really is a win-win situation for both the digital marketer and the consumer.

3.      Email marketing delivers results

Customized email marketing delivers results in an effective manner because the customers get what they ask for. They know that they are not being hounded by any tele-marketing firm or door to door salesman. They trust their choice and ultimately trust your business for which they opted the email for. Any good digital marketing company such as TheAdCoach will help you find customized digital solutions tailored specifically for your business and can be seamlessly integrated  in your overall marketing campaign.

4.      Underestimated but powerful

Never underestimate the power of a good marketing email. Sure, there have been many times that you might have been the target of junk and spammy email and marketing gimmicks. They are the annoying sometimes and try real hard to convince you that you need the product they are selling. But not with targeted marketing emails.  Digital marketing firms like TheAdCoach know exactly how to do that and help businesses grow with their digital marketing tools which aim to target specific customers.

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