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Breaking the Black Box

The Data Difference
The Data Difference: Breaking the Black Box

The promise of programmatic is simple: serve the right ad to the right person at the right time. This promise cannot be fully executed using structured data in audience segments. To unlock the transformative power of programmatic, here’s why marketers must leverage unstructured data:

  • Transparency

    Using unstructured data means having full visibility at the data element level. It’s the polar opposite of the black box. You know exactly who you’re targeting, why you’re targeting them, and how the campaign is performing every step of the way. You can also see when an action or behavior took place, and whether the money you’re spending is furthering your campaign to assure you are not wasting impressions.

  • Optimization

    Unstructured data lets you optimize in real-time throughout the course of a campaign. This is why a programmatic platform that uses unstructured data can be constantly making adjustments so that it’s only bidding on the most valuable impressions. If, for instance, ads served within 30 minutes of visiting a brand’s website have a higher click-through rate than those served outside of a 30-minute window, the platform can adjust accordingly to ensure the most optimal delivery point. This same ability to adapt on the fly applies to each and every data point, so as our platform learns what’s working and what isn’t, the audience will evolve throughout the life of the campaign thus enabling brands to continually improve their marketing efforts.

  • Recency

    No more predicting intent based on months-old actions. Unstructured data lets you target a user based on an action they initiated seconds ago. Our platform retains the date and time stamp associated with every piece of data we gather, and can target with variable recency from instantly up to 30 days after the event. Range of recency is important because not everyone needs to target someone who just took an action. You also want the flexibility to choose when to target a user, whether that’s at the research stage, point of purchase, or even a month after the purchase as part of a loyalty strategy.

  • Drive a Higher ROI

    We can drive higher ROI for your digital business by delivering better performance across your campaign using unstructured data. Not only can you see where every dollar is being spent and shift your budget based on what’s working and what’s not, you also have the ability to make real-time optimizations; this translates to significantly less wasted impressions and ensures that you get the maximum impact for your ad spend.

Audience Segments are Like Black Boxes
Audience Segments are Like Black Boxes

People can be put into nontransparent audience segments based on an outlier like buying a baby gift and are forever in the “New Moms” segment. Segmentation “sterotypes” people based on predicted intent. Second-generation programmatic marketing platforms can do a lot of awesome things with algorithms to optimize your campaign, but none of them can answer this one, very important question. What was the data that justified putting that user into the segment in the first place? 

Unless you have visibility into the pre-impression data, you only know half the story.  You might be making decisions based on assumptions when you could be making them on fact.

Why Don’t They Know?

Second-generation demand-side platforms can’t answer that question because they didn’t see the data before it got put into the segment. By the time they get a segment, all that data has been obscured. Data brokers take unstructured data and put them into segments that make them easier for legacy platforms to manage. This decreases the value of the data while increasing the price.

It’s Like Making a Meal vs. Ordering From the Menu

With our Programmatic Platform, our clients don’t select from a pre-packaged menu of audience segments. Like a master chef, we use individual data elements like location, contextual content, keywords searched, browsing behavior, and more to create an audience and then optimize your campaign with the same element-level control.

And because we create audiences in real-time, our audiences are dynamic. As you learn more about what works and what doesn’t, your audience can evolve with your campaign, allowing you to optimize your campaign to maximize effectiveness and efficiency while gaining deep audience insights.

And because we use unstructured data, we retain the timestamp associated with every piece of data. That means we’ve invented The New Rules of Recency

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Unstructured Data Analysis

We can break free from the black box of pre-packaged audience segments and make every individual data element, including recency, visible and valuable to act upon with proper messaging.

Cross-Devices, Multi-Media Deliverables

Our marketing platform follows the target audience wherever they may be online. Whether they are at work on their desktop computer or go home and use any digital enabled device… we got them covered.

Real-Time Target Opitimization

Our programmatic platform optimizes your target in real-time, enabling messaging to be targeted to specific elemental data combinations that are performing…thereby increasing your ROI.

Recency of Intent

The range of recency is important because it matters when someone is searching. Using unstructured data, we have the ability to offer variable recency from instant “I-just searched” recency to up to 30 days.

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