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Audience Understanding

Complete Transparency Means Insights you can Act Upon and Performance Data on Each Campaign Element
Complete Transparency

With our Marketing Platform insights you can see pricing and performance data on each campaign element: every keyword, domain, creative, day part, or any other element in your campaign while our powerful algorithms adjust accordingly to optimize them for maximum results.

Line of Sight
  • The DetailsSee exactly what you’re paying for down to the most granular level. Our algorithms adjust bid based on performance and recency for each individual data element. Adjust the price of any data element up or down instead of applying pricing changes to the entire group.
  • The LocationSee where your campaign is running at the domain level and how each domain performs.
  • ComparisonsEasily compare quantity and quality of actions to other digital marketing campaigns through completely transparent granular pricing and performance reports.
Using unstructured data to fully understand the intention of the audience.

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Unstructured Data Analysis

We can break free from the black box of pre-packaged audience segments and make every individual data element, including recency, visible and valuable to act upon with proper messaging.

Cross-Devices, Multi-Media Deliverables

Our marketing platform follows the target audience wherever they may be online. Whether they are at work on their desktop computer or go home and use any digital enabled device… we got them covered.

Real-Time Target Opitimization

Our programmatic platform optimizes your target in real-time, enabling messaging to be targeted to specific elemental data combinations that are performing…thereby increasing your ROI.

Recency of Intent

The range of recency is important because it matters when someone is searching. Using unstructured data, we have the ability to offer variable recency from instant “I-just searched” recency to up to 30 days.

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