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4 Myths about Digital Marketing

A number of businesses have migrated most of their operations online in recent years. This has given way to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities. The paradigm shift has also affected marketing heavily, and now more and more people are using digital marketing tools to expand their business.

Building their digital presence online in order get ahead in the competition and stand out from the crowd is an essential for businesses now. There isn’t any kind of business that has not tried their hand at digital marketing, so why should yours be any different? Here are some common myths about digital marketing that we are going to bust for you.

1.  It is only for big and fancy businesses

This has got to be one of the most common myths about digital marketing out there. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company in order to have a digital marketing strategy. You could be running a bakery in your neighborhood and still have one! It would have been true had it been 2 decades ago, but now it’s really friendly to your wallet.

Even though it may be true that the more you pay, the better services you will get but you at least don’t have to worry about forking out thousands of dollars to have a stellar digital marketing strategy made for your business.

2.  Immediate results

As much as we would like it that way, digital marketing results just like all good things don’t come quickly and easily. For quality results, you need to be patient. Just like when you start a business, you need to wait a while to get it running smoothly and seamlessly; the same is the case with digital marketing.

3. More profit only comes through tons of traffic

While in theory, it might seem true and it often is. But it is more affective when you aim towards the targeted demographic. There is no point of having tons of hits on a website if there is no sales and lead generation. But if there is a smaller amount of hits to the people who will actually create that, then that is the sure fire way to go. It will create more return on investment (ROI) for you business as well.

“More traffic equals more money.”

4. Social media overload

One of the common myths people have is that just because it’s online, it should be everywhere. There are very businesses which have their presence on every social media platform. You should only actively have a social media presence where your target audience and demographic reside. For example, Facebook is a safe bet and is probably the only platform that caters to a large majority.

 If you are a B2B operation then the best choice for you would be LinkedIn, where you can connect with other professionals belonging to the same industry. If you have handcrafted items then you can have an Instagram or Pinterest page where people can look at your products. At most, just be on 2-3 social platforms and be consistent on them.

At TheAdCoach, we help local businesses transform their digital marketing footprint. We enable some of the same strategies used by Amazon, Harry’s Shaving Club and  Zappos but on a local level. The advertising tech that we use helps us pinpoint the exact target you are looking for and reach them where ever they may be on the internet. Whether their watching their favorite episode on Hulu or checking their emails on Google or Yahoo, our ad tech will engage them with digital content.

The first step to see what we can do for your business is a FREE Digital Analysis. We will take a snapshot of your current digital footprint and come up with a digital playbook of recommendations. 

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