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2 Big Reasons Why Small Businesses need a Digital Marketing Agency

 Many professionals who are running small businesses think that they don’t need a digital marketing plan because their business is small in scale. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We currently are in a day and time when even a food stand, which operates at the corner of the street, has a social media presence and is thriving because of it. Sure, word of mouth and the business itself also plays a big part, but you would be surprised how even a little bit of strategic digital marketing can go a long way.

There are a lot of business owners who think it is a waste of money to hire a digital marketing agency. In reality, it is a waste of money not to hire a digital marketing professional to strategically position the business properly. With today’s advertising technology and the proper guidance, you can rise to the top of search engines results, generate a good social presence and generate a nice ROI for the effort. At TheAdCoach we recommend that a business starts with a small budget to see the effect and then scale the campaign accordingly. We enable the same advertising technology that some of the digital giants like Amazon and Harry’s Shaving Club use, only on a local strategic level.

Here are 2 big reasons to consider investing in a digital marketing agency like TheAdCoach to take your business to the next level:

1.      The consumer path to purchase has changed forever

The internet has changed everything about doing business so drastically over the last decade that any traditional marketing strategy seems a bit generic and outdated. Business owners and consumers alike have so many different choices and directions they can go, it can make your head spin. Today there is no magic media that reaches everyone like in days’ past with television or newspaper. This is where a digital marketing agency like TheAdCoach comes in. We take a detailed assessment of the target customer you would like to reach and employ all digital assets to communicate with them wherever they are. The advertising technology that we now have access to is so unbelievable that it will strategically find the target customer wherever they are online, offline and on every device as well.

So, for a local business today it is almost silly not to enable this advertising technology to better reach the target market at a very affordable investment. In fact, here at TheAdCoach we actually partner with our clients on the results we help achieve without any monthly retainer fees or the like. We work on a performance-based model so that we both have a vested interest in the results. At the end of the day that is what it is all about.  

2.      If you don’t, you can bet the competition will

One thing you can be certain of is that there is always someone else wanting to take business away from you. In days past it was easy to see what the competition was doing by turning on the television, radio or reading the newspaper. Now it is more difficult to see what the competition is doing which can be an advantage and also a hindrance. A business owner can see their business decline over a period of time and have no idea why it is happening.

At TheAdCoach we take a deep dive look at what the competition is doing online as well as offline and can make recommendations accordingly. We enable the same advertising technology to get a digital footprint of the competition and maneuver your marketing campaign around it. In fact, when we employ our programmatic digital program we can react to the competitor’s websites and emails the target customer sees and deliver our clients message directly in their path. This leads to better customer conversions even before they hit a search.

The first step to see what we can do for your business is a FREE digital analysis. We will take a current snapshot of your current digital footprint as well as the competition and come up with a digital playbook of recommendations.    


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